Do So – do so

Probably all of you dream about achieving goals. Everyone has their ambitious goals and challenges, but only some of them achieve results.

The problem of formation of mission and vision is not the only peoples problem, but also a major obstacle for many companies. Many perceive it as a hard task, so they don’t bother themselves to think about it. Those who already have their vision try to adjust every aspect of life so that their vision is shared.

That is why I have chosen to work in Do So. I saw the same vision in every team member: constant development, studying new and formation of beneficial relationships. A small, cozy office with a team of 20. A collective consisting of different age groups, both experienced and beginner programmers and talented project managers. Very ambitious, goal oriented and at the same time joyful team.

The company’s name clearly reflects its’ unique vision- Do So -do so : create a valuable product which is based on a constant personal development. However, only the vision is not the whole thing, as the team’s progress is determined by the daily results. Sometimes seeing the big picture is so overwhelming and confusing that we fail to achieve our goals. For example, you know what you want to achieve in concert period, but forget about evaluating the results of each step made towards achieving goals. Critical case assessment, innovative approach and appropriate problem solutions helped this small company reach great results in a short time period.

In short, if you decide to work in such an environment, I will tell you that our office is always open for new ideas and people who wish to develop their capacities!

Hereby I’d like to describe the environment in which I turned up just a few weeks ago. The office is just as unique as the people in it: here you can see guitar, synthesizer with the fitness ball in front combining the “Puff” function, and the gym equipment in the second corner. The vegetarian lifestyle of project managers is reflected in the office plants divided among all parts of the office: beans, potatoes, oak, bamboo branches and so on.

Isn’t it really interesting to work in such environment?

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