Where does your capability border lie?

I’ve been a member of the Do So management team for a month and I can say with certainty that so easily, interestingly and strangely, I’ve never started anything.

However, I also want to say that there is more important thing rather than starting your dream job and perhaps it is the most important life rule, which sounds like this: ‘develop yourself and others’. Every day should start with the desire to change everything for the better, even if this desire sometimes would be overwhelming. This slogan is emerged the collective approach, not only towards work, but towards colleagues as well ( ‘drive and motivate you’ so that you would be able to develop).

I would like to mention that what I appreciate the most is that everyone at Do So has space for development, who and how will use this opportunity is already individual. There is no impossibility here, everything depends on 3 variables: time, energy, and commitment.

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