Insurance management software

All-in-one solution supporting the entire insurance process. It empowers both life and non-life insurance providers to repurpose traditional policy administration and claims management systems. Moreover, it integrates business rules, data and product models.
The platform has a flexible and modular architecture. It operates at the intersection of people, process, data, and devices and provides insurers a single platform to create and optimize enhanced customer experience through both self-directed and assisted channels.


What does IMS have:

  • Product and policy lifecycle
  • Reinsurance lifecycle
  • Claim lifecycle
  • Billing and payments
  • Client database
  • Dashboard system
  • Human resource management

Client Management
Customers are an essential aspect for an organization to function. Sales processes optimization and client handling is key to success. Making sure all clients are approached and managed effectively with all needed tools in one place.

  • Sales agents together with their portfolios and all related information sorted relevantly.
  • Potential client management tools - meeting scheduling and follow-up reminder.
  • Client’s profile editing function.
  • Client’s offers and documentation archive.
  • Retail and corporate packages information.
  • Discount request.
  • AML check process, lowers company risks and reveals black list members.

Policy Management
Easy policy issue module, giving deep insight into all active, cancelled or expired policies. Moreover, manage policy renewals and make changes in them.

  • Standard versions of all product contracts available from one database, for easy and fast issue of the policy.
  • Policy cancellation built in logic.
  • Policy renewals management.
  • Additional coverages and benefits handling.
  • Built in guidelines and tariffs.

Claim process represents a moment of truth for insurance clients, which can have a significant impact on customer retention.

  • Build contextual and fit for purpose claim process per product line.
  • Automatic notification of insurance accidents.
  • Damage information and related documentation captured together.
  • Claim settlement process management.
  • Claim reimbursement digital approval.  

Customer Communication
Modules designed for an easy information exchange and strengthening customer loyalty. Communication done via call center, email and text messages.

  • Mobile and email notifications, email alerts, and more.
  • Reminder notifications.
  • A call center module designed for collecting user experience feedbacks and information about insurance accident, scheduling appointment with family doctors in partner hospitals and clinics.

Finance management 
Accurate control of company finances fulfilled by identification of debtor and creditor clients and collected data of bank transactions and allocation of receivables.   

  • Receivables and credit management.
  • A whole history of client/company collaborative engagement.
  • Billing management, that provides accurate control of financial accounting.
  • Automatic reminders of insurance premium payment.

Human resource management
The module provides HR-managers with a comprehensive set of tools which facilitate efficient HR functions.

  • Allocation into departments and positions.
  • Giving access to specific roles and modules.
  • Keeping their personal information and documentation

Dashboard system
Dashboards simplify report management and improves the level of data exchange.

  • Custom reports.
  • Sales pipeline and agent activity reports.
  • Unpaid invoices.
  • Claims reporting.